Beautifully Broken: The Katy Hayes Story


Image of Beautifully Broken: The Katy Hayes Story

In 2010, Katy Hayes woke from a coma in a Dallas hospital. After the birth of her third child, a strep A infection nearly killed her. In order to save her life, doctors removed her arms and legs.

During her recovery, Katy uses her rediscovered resilience, tenacity, and strength to navigate her strange new normal and overcome feelings of inadequacy as a mother. Her story shows us the frustrations of prosthetics as a quadruple, above-joint amputee and the heartbreak of an unsuccessful search for bilateral arm transplants.

Ultimately, Katy finds healing in art and establishes her own business as a painter. This book is an elegy to her able-bodied life, offering the detailed account of a journey to self-love, acceptance, and independence.